How to find peace with your past


Hey gorgeous soul,

Today’s blog is about how to find peace with your past.

There’s a lot of things that have happened in your life that perhaps you haven’t been able to move past and this is something that’s blocking you & something that’s holding you back?

What I teach my students and how I’ve worked with my clients since 2001 is I’ve helped them to transform their lives. By helping them to see more clearly and change the perception of how they feel about their past.

Once you can do this and remove these limiting beliefs & these mindset blocks. You’ll actually feel more at peace.

You’ll have more freedom to be able to move through into the new opportunities that are available to you. You won’t feel so heavy & bogged down emotionally and your vibration will raise automatically because you’ll be in a better mindset.

So, my tips for helping you find peace with your past…

Don’t let your past have power over you.

Don’t allow the people who have hurt in the past

Slight interruption…lol

I’m on the flight path of the Westpac rescue helicopter flying above now. This is raw n real & live…lol So let’s work with it 🙂 

How you find peace with your past is simply to not let it have any have power over you!

Accept that the past can’t be changed but what can be changed is how you’re choosing to respond to it today, in the now, in the moment. You don’t want this to control you and to stop you moving forward and if you need to forgive anybody?

Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning bad behaviour.

What’s forgiveness means is setting yourself free, letting  yourself out of the emotional pain and trauma that’s blocking you and stopping you from moving forward.

So, as I said forgiveness doesn’t condone bad behaviour it sets you free.  It makes room in your heart for the new people to come in and show you the love and support that you deserve and this is a really beautiful thing.

When we can make some space in our heart for those new opportunities to come in it’ll make you feel more comfortable and more aware of what’s going on for you.

You’ll be more mindful about your choices and you’ll be more mindful about what’s keeping you stuck with your limiting beliefs.

So do yourself a favour find peace with your past pack it away put it to bed and get on with creating a beautiful life that you deserve without having to lug around the heaviness of your past.

I hope my tips have been helpful.

Please comment below and let me know how finding peace has worked for you and anyone who is a tarot beginner and would like to learn the fun and easy way please sign up to my tarot hub waiting list and I will look forward to seeing you again next week.

Love and hugs from Rechelle

Take care

bye for now x

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