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Stop feeling frustrated by your Tarot cards & fumbling on your own!

Forget about rote learning & fast track your Tarot progress with confidence.

Get the support you deserve & can trust!

Whether you’re a beginner or have no experience or know a little bit.

I can take the guess work out of it for you.

I will share my secret Tarot Formula to help you become a more confident reader. 

So your Tarot experience is more enjoyable & you get the correct answers.

No! You don’t have to be psychic to use Tarot. 

You don’t need to memorise 78 cards there is a much better & easier way to learn.

My proven formula has helped Tarot students fast track their confidence as a reader.

I’ve been a full-time Tarot reader & helped 1000’s of clients worldwide since 2001

Come and hangout with me in the 



Group opens 21st – 31st October 2019

 Join me for 4 Live interactive calls. Dates & times posted in the group.

I will help you overcome your fears of getting started on your Tarot Journey.

Show you how to learn the easy way & share my secret step by step Tarot formula

Be LIVE with you to answer your questions & help you unlock what’s holding you back.

Happy Tarot Students

Jacqui Wilkinson:

Hi my name is Jacqui….I joined Rechelle’s Tarot Hub out of wanting to learn how to understand the Tarot and hopefully help me to make better choices/directions in my life….plus I just wanted to have fun with it.

Well a few weeks in and its fantastic. Rechelle makes it a lot of fun and the content is super  easy to understand and there’s plenty of it. Joining the live group calls once a week clears up anything you’re not 100% on. I’ve found learning this way through the online course has been very easy to do and easier to take in than just reading books on the Tarot.

If you’re considering learning the Tarot for whatever the reason. Have a look at Rechelle’s course and come join the group ….it’s a lot of fun learning the easy way.

See you in the Hub!!!



I met Rechelle when my daughters gifted me a reading for my 50th birthday.

Her reading was very insightful into what was happening in my life at the time. I had been dabbling in tarot for a while but found it a bit overwhelming so when she started the Tarot Hub I was keen to join.

It has been a fabulous ride so far!!

We are half way through and I am so much more confident with the meanings and trusting my intuition. She has made it easy and fun starting with the basics and building with each unit.

She is always there to explain anything I can’t quite get my head around and her Monday night live calls are so much fun.

I am finding it a very positive experience and always looking forward to the next lesson. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the Tarot.

Leanne Main

You don’t have to learn on your own anymore


I cannot wait to see you reach your own goals & dreams using Tarot as your guide

Mwah…..Love n Hugs 

Rechelle x

PS: The Tarot changed my life & it can change your’s too!

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