The secret ingredient you need to know about Tarot

Back in September I opened the doors to my Tarot Hub teaching students how to learn Tarot the easy way.

I’m excited to share that since opening my Tarot Hub, my students with little or no experience with the Tarot what’s so ever, are kicking goals & feeling more confident with their Tarot deck.

I’m like a pig in mud & a very protective Mumma bear to my students. Teaching is my passion & helping students reach their own dreams and goals faster is so rewarding. 

Watching my students learn, grow and evolve in such a short time has been beautiful to watch. I get excited every time they share their A-HA moments and small wins.

It’s all about baby steps when you’re learning.

Working at their own pace means they can pop into the hub anytime that suits them to watch the video tutorials. There is no pressure, they can learn at a pace that suits them.

Each week a new video tutorial is released. Showing step by step instructions to learn the tarot systems, vital elements and fundamentals. To create a solid foundation of understanding the process that goes with the tarot to be able to use it in the right way.

I offer a LIVE coaching call every Monday evening to answer any questions and serve my students better. So they don’t feel alone or isolated. Together we are creating a tarot community that supports each other.

The one thing that makes me feel sad, is the idea that you don’t need any formal training to be able to read the Tarot. I agree that no previous experience is necessary BUT if use the Tarot incorrectly. It can end badly and that’s why some training is your key to success.

Oracle cards can be used without any formal training BUT not the Tarot


The reason I say this is because unless you know how to bring all the elements together & have a good understanding of what the suits, elements, colours, numerology, zodiac signs, court cards, Minor Acarna & Major Acarna mean. Your tarot deck won’t give you the clarity or answer that you’re seeking. You won’t know what questions to ask your cards or how to frame the question for the correct answer. 

Not having a clue how to read the tarot in the correct way. Will cause more confusion, unnecessary frustration and may lead to missed opportunities for you. 

The feedback I have had so far from my students has been fantastic. Each student working and learning at a different pace but with the same common goal. They are surprised by how much they are learning. How quickly their confidence is increasing and they are gaining a deeper understanding of how to bring all the elements together with how the cards work.

I have been teaching Tarot in person workshops for the last 7 years. My dream was to one day teach online to support more students who didn’t live in the same city as me but wanted to learn.

My long awaited dream became a reality in September 2019

I had to face my own fears before this all happened. My fear of technology. I’m a big advocate for practicing what I’m teaching. So I  hit my fears head on. Smashed them out of the ball park and took baby steps to bring all the tech elements together to create the tarot hub. Many hours have been spent learning, researching and using tech support when my MacBook decides to go on Safari for a day.

My point is, if you really want to change direction and achieve more from your life? You need to be willing to do something different. Put the effort in and celebrate your baby steps along the way. 

You can choose to fumble on your own but the results won’t be as good.

Learning from someone who has made the mistakes, spent 100’s of hours studying the Tarot & now runs a successful business would be a wiser choice for you to be able to fast track your own success.

I know what’s it’s like to fumble and try to do it all own your own. I was that person when I started out. Not having the support of a qualified mentor or trainer made it so hard that I wanted to give up.

I give up Help

I purchased a lot of Tarot books because I thought that would help. It gave me more information but I became more overwhelmed and was unsuccessful in shifting my frustration with learning on my own.

I know what it feels like to be the beginner. That’s why I wanted an easier formula that achieved faster results for my students Tarot success.

The Tarot Formula has been birthed & my students are thrilled.

The content is constantly being updated and with extra bonuses inside the hub. It’s given my students a clear understanding of just how much tarot is helping them to improve their own lives. They no longer feel insecure when working with their cards because they are following my simple methods and formula.

If you’ve always wanted to learn tarot but haven’t know where to start? 

Doors are opening soon for my tarot hub. 

Receive the secret Tarot formula to fast track your success and learn in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment.

Client Praise

I met Rechelle when my daughters gifted me a reading for my 50th birthday. 

Her reading was very insightful into what was happening in my life at the time. I had been dabbling in tarot for a while but found it a bit overwhelming so when she started the Tarot Hub I was keen to join. 

It has been a fabulous ride so far!!

We are half way through and I am so much more confident with the meanings and trusting my intuition. She has made it easy and fun starting with the basics and building with each unit.

She is always there to explain anything I can’t quite get my head around and her Monday night live calls are so much fun.

I am finding it a very positive experience and always looking forward to the next lesson. I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the Tarot.

Leanne Main


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