My Fools Journey to success

Hey there beautiful,

Tarot has been an absolute instrumental tool for my personal & business success.

It has enriched my world in so many ways. The Fool is a Major Acarna card. The Major Arcana is about your souls pathway while travelling through your life.

Just like the Fool in the Tarot, I had to take the first step off the cliff and into the unknown. It was a leap of faith that has paid me back countless times. Allowing me to grow personally, evolve spiritually & become the business woman that I am today.

Without having the Tarot as a constant source of food for thought, direction and guidance. My life wouldn’t look the same.

Nor do I feel I would have accomplished the same amount of success that has given me complete fullfilment both personally & professionally. Allowing me to ignite & bring my dreams to full fruition.

Rechelles Tarot Hub 2Here are some of the things I’ve learnt since taking that first leap of faith and step into my own Fools journey.

I have learnt how to deal with being the odd ball & odd one out.

I have learnt how to be authentic following my heart n soul’s truth.

I have overcome the obstacle of feeling like an outcast and misunderstood by those around me.

I overcame feeling unhappy and sometimes depressed to pursue my goal.

My goal was to learn how to use the tarot for greater success.

The pathway I have travelled has been nothing short of amazing and completely fulfilling.

I have found my tribe & those who get me and understand what I’m about.

I have overcome my fear of not being taken seriously with the work that I now do.

I chose not to listen to the naysayers and the dream steelers.  

I chose to walk my own path of authentic truth & followed my heart.

Tarot is my passion and so is teaching people how to achieve the same results of success.

I worked hard and studied a lot with tremendous amounts of confusion and frustration thrown into the mix. This is why I decided to design my tarot program to make it easier for students to understand and reach their own goals faster.

The Fool reminds you to take a leap of faith in life.

Without taking a leap of faith you can’t reach your full potential or know what is possible beyond your limiting beliefs. Working on your mindset makes room for greater success.

I have spent hundreds of hours over many years readjusting my mindset. Becoming aware of your thoughts and being mindful of them is a key factor for future success.

The Fool was curious, creative and an adventurer willing to explore the possibilities of his own life.

You are the adventurer in your own life.

Exploring, growing and learning with every action step you take.

Just like the Fool, if you have faith in the possibilities that could transform your life would you be willing to take that first step?

Let me know in the comments below how the fool resonates with you?

If you’re interested in learning Tarot the easy way for personal transformation and greater success?

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