My faith has never faulted.


Your faith will be tested all throughout your life for reasons that at the time you may not understand. At times you will wonder, why am I here? What is the point? I don’t know what to do next? Is it really going to work this time around? And no doubt there would be a million other questions that you wish to ask about life. 

Who are we asking anyway? 

Ahhhh…..now this is where it gets tricky! 

Depending on your own faith & belief system. You may find faith in Angels, God, A higher power, Saints from the past, Spiritual Teachers, Deities or the universe.

 Does it really matter who you believe in? 

So long as you find your own personal comfort in something that brings you hope, awareness & a sense of belonging? The choice is yours.

I know throughout my life when I have felt isolated & truly alone while being surrounded by many. My self belief & faith have pulled me through my darkest moments. My willingness to want to understand more about life & who I am as a person. My willingness to not settle for what someone read in a book & decided that the information given was good enough to teach even though it is 100’s of years old. My willingness to feed, nurturer & listen to my own intuition and feelings. Listen to my heart and soul’s truth to guide me. A willingness to understand that we all have a sixth sense & intuition that help us to navigate our way through life. We can tap in to our intuiton whenever we feel compelled to do so. 

  This is my canopy of “FAITH”. 

This is how I run my life everyday.

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Faith is the glue that holds my life together & to be completely honest I don’t know what I would do without it.

I found myself questioning not so long ago, if I didn’t have my faith or beliefs, how on earth would I function? 

I know your belief is similar to mine own, being a subscriber & part of my tribe. You want to learn more about your own self-love and development pathway. Gain a better understanding of your own spiritual truth. I have been on the pathway of self-love and discovery since my early 20’s

I’m happy to share about my own personal spiritual experiences. In the hope that it may some how help you.

 If something brings you hope, courage, comfort, strength, finds your truth & takes your mask away. Allowing you to be completely comfortable with who you are & it helps you to move through your life with love & grace. Helping you to step up to each life lesson you are here to learn & you’re willing to listen to the guidance of your own heart and soul. 

Then to me, that is a good thing.

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We all have the keys to unlock doors of opportunity. We just need to be willing to take that leap of faith to bring us closer to our own authentic self.

So which door will you unlock to learn & grow from while becoming a better version of yourself?

Blessed be 


 Rechelle x

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