Sabotaging Future Happiness

Hey Hunnybee’s,

We are not born into this world with walls of protection!

We enter as a pure light being. Then as we grow, life happens & events, circumstances, relationships & love can jade us. Each time we are hurt a brick of protection gets added to our wall. Over many years, the wall may become bigger & stronger to make us feel safe & keeps us thinking that we still have control. 

There are a million reasons why walls are formed throughout our lives. It could be to block out the pain of past wrongs, for example: sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, bullying, being hurt in love, rejection, abandonment, fear, uncertainty, insecurities & loss to name a few.

Is there really a need for your wall of protection: I believe the answer is yes & although some may argue. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing however, if we keep our walls of protection to high or too thick. What we are doing is sabotaging our future happiness.

In life, everything comes back to love but as humans we act out of fear.


Breaking down your walls gives you your power back no longer keeps you prisoner to your fears

As you take some time to reflect on how tall your wall is or how thick. You can then ask yourself, why is it there?

How long have I been trying to protect my heart?

Why do I think I need too?

Is it stopping me seeking my truest desire?

These questions will be a good starting point for you to explore.

I understand walls of protection & what I also understand is that without breaking through them we are not truly evolving. We are keeping ourselves stuck in the fear of what we have yet to discover. We are sabotaging our own happiness, joy & being able to take love to the next level.

It’s worth looking & checking in to see where your wall measures against your life goals & desires.

You may be ready to now find peace with each brick of protection & let go once & for all. We are all a constant work in progress & learning as we fumble through life.

I wish you all strength & courage to go within & see what gems of truth you discover.

Big Hugs

Rechelle x


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