The Day I Ignored My Intuition

Hello Treasures,

If you have had told me years ago that I would become a professional Medium & Intuitive reader I would have laughed & dismissed the statement.

We tend to do this a lot when we are on the spiritual pathway trying to navigate our way through life. We dismiss our intuiton & don’t trust it nearly enough.

That was me many moons ago until one day my life changed forever after an accident while on a girls weekend away 7 years ago. I ignored my intuition & damaged my spine in 3 places. If my friend didn’t race to turn the power off, I wouldn’t be writing this article now. Lots of water was covering power cords after the clawfoot bath tub I was getting into fell sideways because one of the legs was broken. I instinctively grabbed the bath while full of water weighing approximately 180kgs I later found out because the tub was cast iron & weighed a lot. Hence the damage to my spine. Before getting into the bath my intuition alerted me to a broken bath leg. I checked & thought it would be ok but it wasn’t!


I ignored my intuition & started climbing in as it broke.


I was in complete shock and couldn’t move or think in that brutal moment when life as I knew it changed forever! The doctors were a bit flabagastered and it was a long road to recovery with permanent damage. The down side was facing my reality & I had absolutely no idea what would unfold after that one particular event.

I had a very successful massage practice & many clients depending on me at the time. Below is a picture of my beautiful little shop where all the magic happened as my own dreams came true working for myself doing massages & readings for clients.

I opened my own biz in 2001



I was forced to dig deep and had to turn my life around in order to heal. Thank God I had my bag of spooky goodies to draw from & used all I had learnt over many years to speed up my healing process.

I faced my fears head on & became a professional Medium. Working my butt off to learn and train with some of the best Mediums in todays world. I travelled to England after accepting an invitation to study further & refine my craft so I could help my clients on a bigger scale.

I started doing psychic tea parties from my massage business & shop. I loved it!


It’s been quite the journey for me since dabbling with tarot cards in my teen years with my big sister. It has allowed me to grow, serve and help many across the globe. Working online in my slippers during winter is just the best. I love that I’m the boss of my own reality now & live my life with intent & on purpose to receive more abundance everyday.

Was my accident divine intervention to get me out of the psychic closet? Probably not, although our freewill choices state what our consequences will be. So who knows! One thing I am most certain about is that I’m now doing the work I love. Teaching, helping my students & clients evolve so their own dreams and goals can become a reality.

Becoming aware of how your intuition can work for you takes practice, lots of discipline & educating yourself so that you can evolve more freely and without restrictions.

I’m grateful for my challenges, set backs and short comings to date because without them life would be pretty boring. A new world opened up for me & my freedom to choose is now my reality.

My message for you today.

Never doubt your ability to achieve what you think isn’t possible. This is one big fat roadblock that will keep you stuck & unable to achieve the universal gifts that are meant to be unwrapped when we arrive at them.

I truly believe there is a gift in both the negative & positive aspects of lives. It’s our job to unwrap them and work out what that means for us.

blue white ribbon on pink box

This is exactly how I help my clients in their private reading sessions with me. It’s so liberating when those golden nuggets can be found and make complete sense.

Keep shining & when the gift arrives know that it is just that, A GIFT!

Hugs Rechelle x