The Real Reason Why it’s Hard to be Happy

Hey beautiful,

Do you struggle with finding your happiness?

I have some tips to help you get off the struggle roundabout.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

STOP reliving your past & focus on your present!

The more you hang onto your past mistakes, those who have wronged you & things that make you feel sad. The more you will struggle to find your own peace & happiness.

This may mean that you need to break away from toxic relationships, change your job or simply withdraw for some time to reflect & go within to speak to you heart & see what your higher self wants to tell you.


Grab your journal & finish this sentence….

I am not happy now because of………

When your thoughts are put onto paper it illuminates what you need to address. Once you find the core issue of what’s blocking your happiness, you can take the action steps to correct your mindset & become more excited about your future.

Facing the shadow aspects of yourself will help you to recognise what’s really standing in your way.

It’s not the job of anyone else in your life to make YOU HAPPY!

It’s entirely up to you & your freewill choice.

Happiness is a mindset.

Focus on what brings you joy, makes your heart sing & lights up your sparkle. Knowing these things about yourself will help you dig yourself out of the unhappiness trench & set you back on the road to being happy.

Forgive yourself & those who have wronged you (doesn’t have to be in person). This takes your power back & although it doesn’t condone bad behaviour it will stop the energy flow & put you back in control & the driver’s seat of your own life. 


You always have a choice & freewill.


Rechelle x