Regrets From Those In Heaven

Hello gorgeous,

Everything can change without warning in the blink of an eye.

Working as a Medium with many clients over many years. I have seen time and time again the regrets of those who have passed and felt their sadness during the reading. Their one big regret. They were not being ‘present in their own lives’ especially when it came to those they loved so dearly. 

Here are some prompts to help you to NOT have any regrets in your life…

If you love someone? Tell them.
If you need to forgive yourself or others? Do it now.
If you feel you’re not good enough? You’re wrong.
If you focus on the negative? That’s what you’ll manifest.
If your body is in pain? Get it seen to.
If you’re burnt out? Take a day off.
If you’re hungry? Eat.
If you’re tired? Sleep.
If you hate your job? Retrain yourself & find a new one.

woman s face
Photo by Isabella Mariana

I could rattle off a whole heap of other statements but you get the idea.

My point is for you to not be afraid to speak up to those who matter the most to you. With holding your feelings doesn’t serve anyone. Communication is the key to happier and more loving relationships.

Working as a professional medium & mentor has shown me just how important it is to stay in the moments of now. Whether we agree or not? We don’t have control over anything in our lives. Some things are destined. Everything else is freewill.

We manifest the consequences of our own actions & choices.

We are the ones creating our own destiny.

You can let your ego take over and stay on a path of destruction and being stuck.

You can keep waiting for life to happen 


You can make it happen!


You can restructure! Listen to your body’s messages and take the right action steps to help you progress with confidence and ease.

Stop ignoring the subtle signs that your body is showing you & pay attention.

Tomorrow is promised to no-one 

So say it or start it today

You’ll be glad you did beautiful soul 😊

Mwah…..🧡 Rechelle x