Most asked questions about Readings

How do I prepare for my reading?

Write your question/s down. Make sure you have a private space and won’t be disturbed while on your call. An open heart and mind is recommended. Relax you’re in good hands.

Can I have a reading with more than one person?

No. Having more than one person in the room other than my client can disrupt the process and information received.

What if Rechelle says things I don’t want to know?

Clients always feel more confident, uplifted and positive after having a reading session. I won’t deliver any information that my client isn’t ready for however, you will be guided to what you need to know for the best possible outcome, NOT what you want to hear! I will support you through a soul guidance process and make sure you understand what you need to do during your reading with me.

Can I record a reading?

No. Rechelle does not allow any kind of recording during a reading due to privacy and confidentiality for all parties. Note taking is encouraged. Recordings done without Rechelle’s written permission will breach terms & conditions.

How often should I have a reading?

I recommend 6-12 months between sessions.

Does Rechelle offer in person or email readings?

No! Rechelle has stopped doing in person readings for the convenience of her local & international clients busy lifestyles. Phone readings are accurate and more convenient.